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Volunteer and Donations Coordinator Job Description


General Description

The Volunteer and Donations Coordinator  (VDC) will become a vital part of the Big Creek Missions (BCM)  outreach in Leslie County.   In order to grow and serve our community, the VDC will assist in coordinating and expanding our volunteer base and donation acquisitions in our region.   This person will oversee and coordinate the donations that come into our mission.  In an effort to give more, the VDC will seek to build relationships in our community to acquire more donations for our county.  The position requires a clear communicator, both verbal and written, organized with effective time management skills, demonstrating a willingness to learn and adapt, with the highest standards of behavior, detail orientation, positive outlook collaborative manner, and work ethic.  This is a full-time position.  The schedule for this position requires day hours, evening hours, and weekend hours to cover volunteer group activities, meetings, and events to benefit the mission.   The position reports to the Executive Director.



Duties / Responsibilities: 

Volunteer Recruitment and Management 

1)  Recruit and train new volunteers.  Perform screening and interviewing of new volunteers.   

2)  Train, coach, and motivate volunteers in accordance with the vision and heart of BCM

3)  Act as a liaison between BCM and the community at large.  Communicate needs and positions available to the community as needed.  Speak to groups and organizations as needed

4)  Develop methods to manage volunteers and record volunteer hours

5)  Assist with conflict resolution among clients, staff, and volunteers as needed

6)  Create ongoing lists of volunteer opportunities and tasks within the warehouse

7)  Work to mobilize mission groups coming to serve at the warehouse


Donation Acquisition and Management

  1.  Research and cultivate relationships with individual and corporate donors and community agencies for solicitation of in-kind goods

  2. Communicate and coordinate donations with donors

  3. Exercise discretion regarding acceptance of goods.  

  4. Maintain records on all donated items (tax records) 

  5. Monitor donation areas / warehouses and manage cleanup and organization of all donated items

  6. Manage distribution of donated items (coordinate “giveaways” to community or other organizations)  including (but not limited to):  Food pantry give-aways, home-good giveaways, school supply giveaways.  


General Duties
1)  Respond to inquiries, emails, and phone calls in a timely manner
2)  Represent BCM in local community meetings
3)  Participate in staff meetings and volunteer events
4)  Other duties as assigned

Qualifications, Experience and Abilities: 

  • As a prerequisite, the successful candidate must believe in the “statement of beliefs” and core values of BCM  and be driven by the mission of the organization. 

  • Experience teaching, working with volunteers and/or organizing community activities is required. 

  • Strong management skills including planning, coordination and supervision are required. 

  • Ability to perform physical work, including working in outdoor elements and lifting up to 50 lbs. unaided is preferred. 

  • This position will require a highly organized individual, with excellent follow-up skills as well as the ability to overcome objections and obstacles in the pursuit of success. 

  • Superior one-on-one interpersonal and communication skills, including the ability to foster confidence and trust, listen sensitively, and respond appropriately are key attributes for the successful applicant. 

  • Ability to establish and maintain professional boundaries in working with clients, volunteers, and donors. 

  • Excellent written and verbal skills 

  • Demonstrates a positive attitude, self-motivation, organization, and resourcefulness while maintaining a reputation through proven action of being client-oriented. 

  • The successful candidate will have the ability to work well under stressful conditions, negotiate different personalities and work under competing priorities while managing a wide variety of tasks. 

  • Demonstrated proficiency in using Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, and other applications as well as experience using computer programs

  • Must be prompt and dependable. 

  • Able to work with minimum day-to-day supervision. 

  • The nature of this work is also somewhat unpredictable and the successful candidate must have the flexibility to work some evenings and weekends.

Please send your resume to  

Thank you!

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