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Activity, Art, and Devotion Info 

2022 Children's Ministry 

We can’t wait to serve with you this summer! 

The following information can apply to both campus locations (Big Creek and Wheelwright) 

 -- WHEELWRIGHT:  We are gearing up for an amazing summer at Wheelwright!   Our new director (Bubba) and his wife (Tammy) will be heading up some interactive, Christ-centered activities for kids.  If you have ideas you'd like to present - or would like to spearhead some kids ministries that week, please let Bubba and Tammy know!  Their emails are or 

-- BIG CREEK:  We will have between 10-12 church groups each week. We can't do this alone - we need YOUR help in planning and coordinating these camps! This summer, your church has the option to adopt the Bible lessons, crafts, or activities for your week of service. Simply, you would adopt your choice and use the guide provided to plan for your week! If you have any questions, please reach out to our children's ministry team: 

What are our daycamps like?   

Very simply, our daycamps are a full day-camp with a high quality, interactive curriculum, enrichment, art projects, and field trips.  We are trying to offer our children the very best - not an unprepared and canned program.  Although each location is different, the lessons will be basically the same.  We will offer games, lessons, activities, crafts, lunch, and educational components at most of our sites.  


Currently, we have two locations. 

1)  Our county pool complex.  This has ball fields, a pool, large pavilion, working bathrooms, and more.

2)  Manchester is a local park with fields, pavilions, playgrounds, working bathrooms and more.


We hope to engage the students with exciting activities and lessons that empower and challenge them, connect them to local resources, and lead them into a transforming relationship with Jesus.  We don't like boring daycamps!  We believe Jesus was engaging, exciting, and energetic as he taught, and hope that we will follow the same example.  Again, thank you for partnering with us as we serve the children in our community!  

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