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Big Creek Missions offers your group a flexible, affordable, and personal mission trip.  You can set the dates of your trip, our suggested donation is $30 per person per day, and your participants will join with our mission staff as we nurture relationships here in Appalachia.  

Life is hard here in Southeast Kentucky.  The terrain is rugged and unforgiving.  Technology is lagging.  The coal mines are nearly gone. Few jobs are available that provide living wages. Everybody knows somebody with cancer - and someone struggling with addiction.  

Our people are resilient - but hurting.  That's why we're here.  

Located in Southeast Kentucky - one of the hardest places to live in the United States* - our mission exists to share the Gospel of Jesus by meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs  of our residents. 

To accomplish this goal, we recruit volunteer teams to help us serve struggling families, provide hope for hurting neighbors, and show love to everyone we meet.   Your teams will make a difference here, but these people and this area will impact the lives of your team members.  

There are many mission trip opportunities across the world.  We hope you'll prayerfully consider serving with us.  Our trips will expose your students to a different way of life here in Appalachia. We don't want to hype the Appalachian stereotypes - but there are parts of our area that some in your group might see as "unbelievable" living conditions. 


This eye-opening experience is VERY affordable, easy to access, safe, and close to home.   The work projects can be can be tailored to fit the desires and skills of your team - and are appropriate for the first time "mission tripper" or an experienced ministry team.  

These are custom mission trips:  you determine your arrival and departure dates and recruit your team.  We do the rest!   We will within our guidelines and expectations to plan all the details, prepare almost all the supplies needed for your trip, and have your food and lodging ready when you arrive! Our staff can provide devotions and activities as needed.   We keep it simple for you - so you can spend your time training your team.  

We will offer your team a variety of service opportunities.  You may help complete major (and minor) construction projects. You can visit and serve the homebound and disabled. You can visit and serve alongside various community ministries, including food pantries, nursing homes, and child/adult care agencies.  

For 18 years, Big Creek Missions has been serving our community alongside groups of all ages - just like yours. We would consider it an honor to serve alongside you and your team!

*See the study at this link 

Three simple steps to plan your trip:


On that form, you'll tell us your desired travel dates and  a little about   your team's skills.  

We'll verify those dates with you and reserve your spots! 

We will start planning your projects and preparing for your arrival.  


Read our group planning guide!  (see link below!) 


Then, after reading, start recruiting your team.  We welcome ALL ages and types of groups!  We hope you will recruit a team that can help us minister in the community.   Once your team is put together, you can have them complete permission forms online -  HERE


We will take care of your food, lodging, project planning,  and almost everything else (except your transportation). We will connect with you about specific projects during your time of service with us

We don't have a set fee... we just ask for a donation.  Our suggested donation is $30 per person per 24 hours.  

Ways your group can serve:

Depending on your skill levels, your group can do any of the following: 

*Construction:  assist homeowners in need with basic home repairs of all types.  We have already scouted dozens upon dozens of projects awaiting completion.  Many of these projects are homes of the elderly or widowed, or homes with children in side.  The projects can be simple or very complex - it's up to you!  Our staff will be available to assist. 

*Community:  We have developed several of our own local ministries and have nurtured  multiple partnerships with local outreach ministries in our area.  Your team may  serve in food pantries, churches, adult care centers, clothing centers, nursing homes (and more)

*Children:  As schedules and permissions allow, your team may work with local schools, children's programs, or lead daycamps (as available)

*Other: Does your team have specific skills that you'd like to utilize during your mission trip?  If so, please let us know - as we will do our best to connect your team with needs in our area.  

All ages and group types are welcome!

ANY type group is welcome here.  We regularly host families, student groups, college groups, men's groups, law enforcement  groups, senior adult groups business groups, Christian School groups, and senior adult groups. Individuals are welcome, too!  We will typically provide some dates for individuals to partner with teams already on site.   All ages are welcome.  Children under 12 need to bring their parents!

We offer two different locations  - both of which are set up specifcally for mission teams!   

Our Leslie County (Big Creek) facility is great for groups of all sizes up to 200 people.  Our bunkrooms have heat & air, and decent mattresses.  Our shower rooms are brand new... and are really nice!   Check out our Big Creek  pictures here


At Big Creek, we do have some semi-private accomodations for up to 10 people.  

Our Floyd County (Wheelwright) facility is great for groups up to 65 people. We are constantly improving the building!  We have several showers, and a unique facility great for all group sizes. We love families and married couples too and can accommodate family groups in various dorms  See Pictures HERE

Some semi-private accomodations are available. 

Our food is pretty good, too!

We work hard to provide good for our guests.  We ask you to give your best to our community, so we're doing to give our best to you, our guests.   Your team will help us do some meal prep and clean up afterwards.  You can see our menu in the group planning guide

We host groups in the Spring, Fall, and Winter!

Big Creek Campus Available Dates: 

Late February - Early May 

Labor Day - Thanksgiving 

**Because of the huge costs of heating our Big Creek Facility, we close for the winter.  However, if a group of 60+ desires to serve with us for more than 3 days, we may be able to open for you in the winter!  


Wheelwright Campus Available Dates: 

Open and available year round! (Holidays may be limited) 


Our staff does take a break two weeks before and after our summer sessions.  Contact tammy@bigcreekmissions.com for more information.

Our Summer dates are pre-planned and costs are set.  Please view information about summer trips at www.bigcreekmissions.com/summer 

You choose your dates of service

You tell us when you want to arrive and when you need to leave.  Trips can be as short as 1 day or as long as you desire.  We host day trips, week long trips, or weekend trips.

The cost is donation based!

Our spring and fall missions are donation based.  Our costs (and suggested donation) average around $30 per person, per 24 hour period.  Feel free to donate as you feel led.  We trust the Lord to provide through his people!


Now, after reading this page, we hope you're not overwhelmed with details, because it really is simple to plan.  If you have questions, check out our group planning guide first, then contact us with your questions!  

Big Creek Campus: 606-653-0513 x1 (it's easier to catch us via email!) 
Director - kevinr@bigcreekmissions.com
Construction Questions: garry@bigcreekmissions.com
Registration Questions: jordan@bigcreekmissions.com 

Wheelwright Campus: 606-452-4770 (it's easier to catch us by email!) 

Directors:   Bubba@bigcreekmissions.com,


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