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Are you  looking for a mission trip where 
REAL connections make a REAL difference?

Welcome to Big Creek! 

Our simple focus on Christ and community 
will encourage and strenghten your mission team   

Why Serve with Big Creek?


Our mission centers & staff are permanently based in the communities we serve.  We know and love our neighbors and seek to show and share the gospel of Jesus with humility, mercy, & grace. 

We Care!


Our teams have been serving the people of Leslie County, Kentucky for 20 years and have hosted over 40,000 volunteers!  We are beginning our sixth year of ministry in Floyd County, Kentucky in 2024.

We're Committed to our community!


We welcome all groups! 

Individuals &  Families
Adult teams 
Youth Ministries

College Ministries 

Christian Schools

We are welcoming!


We know that money can be tight.   We try to keep our trips affordable.  Your total cost of $259pp includes food, lodging, staffing, worship services & supplies!  You provide transportation.  

We keep it affordable! 

Where we are: 

Big Creek Missions has two permanent mission centers in Leslie County and Floyd County Kentucky  

What We do: 

*Our permanent mission centers are intently focused on sharing (and showing) the Gospel to our neighbors year round. 

*Our staff work year round serving and developing partnerships in the community

*Our staff develop connections, meet the families, research and plan meaningful service opportunities for your team.
*For our residents, we offer home repairs, food pantries, community outreach, and children's enrichment programs. 
*For your team, we offer a life-changing mission experience focused on serving Jesus and serving others.  
  (see below) 

What type groups can serve at Big Creek?  

All of them!  Families, youth groups, adult groups, church groups, college groups, business groups, and more!  

No group is too small to serve with us.  (Families would register and be considered a "group" for planning purposes) 

What type of mission work would your team do?  

Your team members will individually choose to serve in one of three primary areas of service: 

*In our construction ministry, your team would provide major and minor home repairs to residents
     ... You'll be blessed by working hard, getting dirty, and fixing homes that may appear unfixable.   

*In our community ministry, your team would feed, visit, clothe, and serve those who are enduring hard times. 
     ... You'll be challenged as you package and deliver hundreds of meals, sit with the lonely, and hug a lot of people. 

*In our children's ministry, your team members would lead life-changing and enriching day-camps

     ... You'll make a difference as you provide ministry to kids in a loving, high-energy outdoor environment

     ... We ask all our teams to invest time into planning and providing elements for our summer children's daycamps 

The Cost: 

We ask for a donation of $259 per person for a full week mission trip! (Sunday - Saturday)

There are no additional fees or surprise charges. 

What your donation of $259 covers:  

Your gift helps us fund and operate our two year-round mission centers. It also helps cover your team's: 
*Lodging (gender based bunk rooms with bunks, mattresses and indoor hot showers)
*2 hot meals and 1 "sack lunch" daily (some of our teams have three hot meals daily!) 
*Construction and other various ministry supplies
*Ministry staffing, worship team (BC campus), worship leader (Wheelwright Campus) pre-project planning, and more!  
*BONUS: Teams that pay & provide info 30 days before their trip receive a free $10 Tshirt credit for each participant! 

*BONUS: Save an additional 10% by signing up for our first week of ministry!!  

What else does our team get

*You'll experience southern hospitality from our staff & community.  We have good food & good sweet tea!

*You'll receive pre-trip training materials and guides to prepare your team.  (Estimated February 1) 

*Your participants will encounter legitimate mission experiences in an impoverished area.

*Your participants will grow in worship  as we unfold scripture's meaning, exalt Christ, & challenge listeners with action.   

*Your participants will gain practical experience in leadership, life skills, and construction.  

*You'll serve with our staff who know the heartbeat and needs of our community.

*Your team will experience challenges and hardships that only strengthen team dynamics and their reliance on Christ. 

*You'll be a part of a year-round ministry that is committed to the communities we serve. We'll be here after you leave!

Are there any additional "surprise" costs?    

No surprises here.  The only things you need to cover are below:

*Transportation / fuel / vehicles to the mission& during the mission 

*Children's ministry supplies: we ask all teams to help us plan and prepare elements for our community kids daycamps
*1 meal out in the community on Wednesday night - to support our local economy
*Optional "mission store" with gear that supports our mission.  Prices are very reasonable.  

What does a typical day look like for my team? 

This is the general schedule for both campus locations - actual schedule may vary slightly. 
See the group planning guide for each campus for more specific details.  


6:45 am - Wake Up Call!
7:00 am - Breakfast!  We offer a full cafeteria style hot breakfast. 

7:00 am - Lunch packing time!  Team members build their own lunch at our lunch stations and pack it in their team cooler.

8:00 am - Morning Worship & Sendoff.  We'll worship and briefly dig into God's word to help focus for the day!

8:20 am - Adult meeting / Student team meetings.  The directors meet with adults daily to go over the day's plans 

8:50 am - Go serve!  Your drivers and their teams will load your vehicles and head out to the work site for the day!  

                     (lunch is eaten at the work site - lunchtime is different for each team) 

4:30 pm (ish) - Return to Big Creek ... shower, nap, relax, go outside and play, enjoy! (flex free time lasts till 7:30)

5:30 pm - Dinner!  We offer a full cafeteria style dinner and salad bar every evening, except Wednesday (night out) 
                     After dinner, your team can enjoy some "flex" time.  Play outside, relax, and fellowship. 

8:00 pm - Worship (BC Campus)  We'll gather again for worship in the evening to end our day right! 
                 - At the Wheelwright campus, you'll have the evening free for strategic community ministry & small groups! 

9:00 pm - Church Group meeting times!  This is where you and your team can gather and share about your day.  

10:45 pm - SLEEP!  



Why do we need mission teams in Southeast Kentucky?    

Located in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky - an area with rich heritage, friendly people, and amazing scenery, Big Creek Missions has established itself as a bright light in a community filled with darkness.  Drug use, poverty, hunger, and hopelessness are running rampant in our area.  In fact, this community has been declared among the hardest places to live in the United States. In the midst of these difficult circumstances, we seek mission teams to help alleviate some of the challenges of daily life: housing needs, hunger issues, and disciple-making.  

Our area fights many of the stereotypes that plague small Appalachian towns. Outsiders may think of eastern Kentucky as toothless hillbillies, shoeless kids, and uneducated folks. That's simply not reality.  Yes, we have problems, but we also have many bright, energetic residents, and leaders trying to make a difference.  Your group can be a part of this effort to serve our people.  You can build relationships with locals, serve families, evangelize the lost, and disciple young Christians.  Your team will help nurture relationships our mission has built over the past 20+

What follow-up happens after your team leaves? 

We are a year round permanent ministry. You can be confident we will continue to nurture the relationships that are built during your week of service.  We know our people - and our people know us!   We will strive to connect with our community and meet needs through the year.

What are the two location choices? 



Your team members can serve our people by offering basic home repairs!  Utilizing the skills of your construction crew leaders and teams we will  build relationships with families and make much needed repairs to their homes. 


Our community team offers the most "variety" to our incoming teams.  Teams enjoy a variety of ministry opportunities:  Elderly care, home visits, food pantries, clothing ministry, summer feeding, lawn care, and more!

Children & Teens

Your team will work with others to provide an interactive and exciting "VBS style" experience for our local children each day.  These daily events are located at local pools, parks, churches, and community centers.   Come prepared to serve Elementary, Middle, and High school students!

Big Creek Mission Center

Location:  90 bullskin Road, Bear Branch KY
Capacity: 170  volunteers 

Setting:  More rural setting - travelling to adjacent towns

Worship:  Typically a full band & staff teacher

Ministry differences:  This location has more space for team members, is more structured, and provides more of a "camp" feeling through the week.  (note: we're not a camp!)

Accessibility:  This facility is fully accessible with private wheelchair friendly bathroom, and is all one level

View pictures of this campus HERE
Download the Big Creek Campus planning guide here 

Wheelwright Mission Center

Location:  1369 KY-306, Wheelwright, KY 41669
Capacity: 60 volunteers 

Setting:  More "in town" type setting, located in small town

Worship: worship leader+staff teacher

Ministry differences:  Your team will have a much more "personalized" experience here in Wheelwright.  Group sizes are smaller and local interaction is more personal

Accessibility: Contact us regarding accessibility.  We will work with you to accommodate those with special needs  

View Pictures of this campus HERE  
Download the Wheelwright Campus planning guide here 

Three Ministry Choices
Why Serve in Southeast KY?

Your participants choose 1 of 3 ministries
Your whole team doesn't have to do the same thing!
As your participants register, they'll select their preferred ministry 

Our staff will work with you to sub-divide your team into service groups

 A little bit of Big Creek History...

Hey Y'all!  Thank you for your interest in Big Creek Missions! We began as a 1 week youth mission trip in 2003.  This small mission - with one church team- quickly grew into a thriving "mission month" with nearly 800 participants in 2007.  Since that time, the Lord has provided the facilities and resources to grow into TWO year round mission outreach centers with several thousand participants each year.  Our purpose remains simple: We meet needs & share Jesus in two struggling areas of Eastern Kentucky. 

Both of our directors are former church leaders who saw the Big Creek Missions experience transform our ministries. We believe that this mission experience  can transform your team, just like it transformed ours.  

21 years in -  we are amazed at how the Lord continues to work through His people to meet needs in our area.  We are still just as enthusiastic about this mission as we were in the beginning. Our community has greatly benefitted from this mission - and our teams benefit from the experience they gain here in Southeast Kentucky.   We humbly ask that you'll consider serving with us as we minister in Southeast Kentucky!

Kevin (Founder & Big Creek Campus Director) 

Bubba & Tammy (Wheelwright Campus Directors) 

Summer 2024 Weeks of Service
Arrive Sunday 3-4 pm Eastern Time 

Depart Saturday morning (by 9 am)

May 26-June 1 (Save 10%)

June 2-8 

June -9-15

June 16-22

June 23-29

June 30-July 6

July 7-13

July 14-20

July 21-27

July 28-August 3 

$50 pp onlin
e deposit donations are requested to reserve your spaces for the summer

Need to shorten your week or leave early?  Please let us know! 

Some of our teams leave as early as Friday 5 pm  after the work day. Please stay through the work day!
You can leave anytime Saturday morning before 9 am


Dates & Arrival Times
  • What are the registration steps?
    Read the Group planning guide & FAQ section to find out all the details. THEN: 1. Check availability & reserve a week at .... Create your account .... Choose your location! (Big Creek Campus or Wheelwright Campus) .... Reserve your week with an initial $50 per person deposit via credit / debit card 2. After you've reserved your week, tell your team members to complete their permission / release form at You can view your team signups using that same link! 3. 30 days prior to your trip: Pay your final balance by mail or online. Mail to: Big Creek Missions, PO BOX 211, Bear Branch KY 41714 OR you may pay online at (Online final payments incur a 3% surcharge for credit cards) We encourage you to read our payment / refund policy. Because we're a ministry that's fully funded by your donations ("deposits and payments") - it's very hard for us to refund your money if you decide not to come. Just like your church uses tithes and offerings to pay your weekly bills, our mission uses your deposits and payments - as you pay them - to fund our ongoing outreaches! Your donations are more than a "camp fee" - they're what keep our mission open before, during, and after your stay!
  • What do we need to plan in advance of our trip?
    We hope you'll come armed with some creative ideas for ministry! Even though we're planning the basic details, we need your team to do some work before arriving. CHILDRENS MINISTRY: If any portion of your team is helping with kids ministry, please plan to "adopt" an area of the kids camps to help plan & lead. Come prepared with ideas & supplies for games, crafts, and other activities. You can view our children's ministry starting ideas ideas at Password is kids2024 Ideas for Kids Ministry: Sports Camps, Cheer Camps, STEM activities, sewing classes, music lessons, arts classes, skills classes, fun games, educational opportunities, and more! CONSTRUCTION MINISTRY: Our construction projects are diverse and vary weekly. Typically, we focus on FLOORS (subfloor replacements), ROOFS (metal) , and RAMPS (pressure treated construction)! Although we typically have all the basic tools needed to complete all our projects, your construction pros are encouraged to bring their own tools or tool trailer. More construction information is available at We hope you'll consider hosting a "pre-trip" training day. Perhaps you could lead an activity day for children, or work on someone's home. You can mow lawns, wash cars, or have a simple service project. Use this work day as an example of the mission trip. Find out which students need extra attention, and work with them so they're ready for the mission trip. If your participants can't (or won't) work, don't pay attention to your instructions, and are a distraction, maybe they should consider attending next year! This is a legitimate mission trip where people are watching, listening, and making decisions based on your team's actions. Prepare accordingly.
  • Printable planning guides and brochures
    To keep our costs down, we don't offer any printed materials for shipping. You are encouraged to print, read, and distribute the applicable materials to your group. Read our BIG CREEK CAMPUS planning guide Read our WHEELWRIGHT CAMPUS planning guide Read our General Ministry Expectations and Rules View our Big Creek Campus on Google Maps View our Wheelwright Campus on Google Maps Download a Printable Brochure about Big Creek View a printable "What to bring list" and "Adult information Handout" and "menu" at
  • Financial details, deadlines, & more money questions
    You may wonder why our mission costs a bit less than other "big name" mission organizations. Here's why: -- We don't spend a lot on marketing -- We all pitch in. ALL of our "executive" and administrative staff are involved in daily operations. You'll see them cooking, cleaning, and serving -- We look for ways to maximize every dollar spent & cut unnecessary costs Your donation provides the following for your team: -- 2 good & hot meals daily, 1 sack lunch daily -- Bunk-style lodging with hot showers & cool sleeping rooms! -- Construction, tools, and other ministry materials -- Staffing & Worship team. (worship band @ Big Creek, worship leader @ Wheelwright) -- Pre-project planning and post-project followup --*$10 credit to our mission store for each participant (must meet qualifications) **1) if all team members register online 30 days prior to the trip 2) if all group payments are on time (30 days prior to trip) 3) if all driver / vehicle info is provided 30 days prior to the trip Your donation provides the following for our community: -- Your funds help us operate both of our food pantries year round -- Your funds help us assess and repair homes even when groups aren't on site -- Your funds help us offer services to our community through the year -- Your funds help us maintain and operate our facilities (in two counties) Deposit due dates: $50 per person registration deposit: due upon registration FINAL payment: Due 30 days prior to your trip date. Where do I send my donation payments? Your first donation of $50 pp is made online using a debit or credit card. Your second donation is made by mailing a check (free) or online in your trip portal (3% credit card surcharge) Financial Mailing Address: Big Creek Missions - PO BOX 211 - Bear Branch KY 41714 We encourage you to view our group planning guide to understand our cancellation policy. The simple version: Your payments are donations, and are generally non refundable. *We can refund early registrations until January 15th *We can apply "overestimated" deposits to your final balance until January 15th, or, if your week is over capacity *We can refund payments only if your week is over capacity We know our cancellation policy sounds strict. We have adopted these policies to protect the mission: as your funds are used to operate the mission throughout the year, not just provide your trip. We hope you'll consider these funds as a donation to a mission that's serving the community. Because we're a non profit organization (ministry) that's fully funded by your donations ("deposits and payments") - it's very hard for us to refund your money if you decide not to come. Just like your church uses tithes and offerings to pay your weekly bills, our mission uses your deposits and payments to pay our weekly bills! The funds you give help us keep the mission open before, during, and after your stay! We hope to fill every spot this summer so that we can serve as many of our neighbors as possible. Thus, we ask you to estimate your numbers reasonably. Please let us know if your numbers are lower as soon as possible so we can try to fill empty spots. If we can fill empty spots, we reimburse funds.
  • What ages  & types of group are welcome at Big Creek?
    We welcome all age groups and group types! This isn't a "youth mission trip." This is a mission center open to all ages and group types. Even if you bring a youth group - we hope you'll open up the trip to your entire church so we have the adequate skills to provide quality ministry to our community. Teenagers need mentors, and we need experienced teachers, leaders, construction supervisors, and more to make this a successful mission trip! All groups are welcome - Including, but not limited to: Families Groups of families Adult groups Senior groups High School Student Groups: 1:4 ratio / adult to student Middle School Student Groups: 1:3 ratio / adult to student College groups Other service groups Our environment is Christ-centered, exciting, and joyful! Our mission ideal for all age groups as long as you're willing to worship, work, and live with others! If you have participants who can't pay attention, won't work, are divisive or apathetic, group leaders should reconsider their attendance. We strongly advise pre-trip training and requirements for all participants. It's important that you host trainings for your team prior to arrival. Gather your group to mow a lawn, paint a fence, or clean a building. Spend time teaching leadership skills, spiritual conversations, work ethic, and more. Challenge them to work hard and make sure they're up to the task! It's not advisable to bring participants who can't pay attention, won't work, are divisive, or simply aren't interested. Families are encouraged to attend together! Be advised that children under age 12 will be assigned to a group with their parent, and the parent will have the primary responsibility of caring for their child. Children are welcome as long as they can listen to instructions and are willing / able to serve in some capacity. Children under 12 need a parent or close relative to serve with them.
  • Will my group all serve together?  Will they be split up?
    As the group leader, you will have the most control over your group's assignments. Your group members will individually choose between one of four ministries! (Children's, Construction, Community, and teens). As group leader, you will be able to tell us who to "keep together" on your team. Your team will be split according to the ministries they choose. Here's an example for a group of 15: 5 chose construction: They'll work together with an adult construction leader from your group. 5 chose community: They'll work together with an adult from your group. 5 chose childrens: They'll work together with an adult from your group. It's likely that your team members will work with others from across the country! We have found this to be a very encouraging way for students and adults to grow. Here are some benefits to letting your group divide & experience different things: **Even though it may seem that your group is “divided” through the week, they will have ample time throughout the week (both during the day AND during the evening group share time) to share their unique experiences from varying viewpoints and build unity within the group. **Allowing students to pick their own ministry and serve with other teams gives students an opportunity to lead and serve in a different group. They may be able to shed the social cliques and stereotypes that may exist within their own group. We’ve seen VERY positive results from this model!
  • What kind of vehicles are best for this mission trip?
    We will work with the vehicles you bring. Please communicate your vehicles and drivers to us using the registration system at - we can't asign groups until we know what size vehicles you're bringing, and who's driving each vehicle. Tips: **Please keep your vehicle sizes 26 passengers or less **Please keep 1 seat open per 7-8 people. This allows for flexibility in transporting supplies AND staff. **PLEASE BRING TRUCKS for construction! Not only are they great for transporting your luggage, but they're also extremely helpful on site to carry construction supplies through the week. If your construction adults are driving vans, you'll use those vans to haul tools and possibly lumber. **Don't forget LUGGAGE: You can't put 15 people in a 15 passenger van and have room for luggage! Car trunks, trucks, and cargo vans are helpful for luggage. These are the vehicles we recommend: *Personal Cars & trucks are great. *Mini-Vans are great. *Trucks for construction are extremely FANTASTICALLY wonderfully exceptionally great!! *12-15 passenger vans: these are great if the drivers are trained and experienced. *Mini-buses 26 passengers or less are acceptable. but are typically assigned to children's ministry (sometimes community) *Did we mention TRUCKS for construction? *Please consider having multiple drivers available & listed for each vehicle- even rental vehicles! Sometimes, we need a different driver for a vehicle so the primary driver can stay in their choice of ministry! 30 days before your trip, we ask that you provide vehicle types, vehicle primary drivers, and vehicle backup drivers so we can make group assignments. Remember - PLEASE LEAVE ONE SEAT AVAILABLE FOR EVERY 8 PARTICIPANTS! This way, we will have seats for our staff to ride along with our work groups Lastly, keep in mind this is a mission trip - and just as your church vehicles are used to transport visitors & local kids during church events back at home, you may also be transporting local kids & team members to do mission work. If legalities and policies prohibit transporting anyone but "your" group, please inform us, as this will strictly limit where your group may serve.
  • What type ministries are available for my group?
    Your participants will choose one of three ministries for the week. Each individual chooses their own ministry. As group leader, you'll be able to monitor their choices and "assign" them to work together at Example: if you bring 20 participants, 5 choose construction, 5 choose community, and 10 choose children's ministry: It's likely that the 5 construction will serve together, 5 community will serve together, an 10 children's will serve together. We strive to always have an adult representative from your church on each of your teams. Your groups will be blended with other teams. Children's Ministry: We offer exciting daycamps for children in three counties. We offer Christ-centered elements, summer feeding, games, activities, sports, and other activities to improve the quality of life for our kids. In Leslie County - we even fund and operate our county pool. We love our kids and ask that you help us plan some exciting events for our local children. At each children's ministry location, we also have teenagers who attend. If you love teenagers, let us know - as you may be able to help lead our teen ministry. These local students don't like "fluff" - but prefer relational leaders who truly care for their well-being. Community Ministry: Our community teams work with many local organizations We visit nursing homes & the elderly. We offer food and clothing giveaways. We deliver meals to homes, provide yard work, and serve in a variety of ways. This is the most diverse ministry with the most options for interaction with people. Construction Ministry: Our teams repair many homes in our community. We place priority on the people, not the project. If you have participants desiring to work in construction, it's important that you bring at least one skilled construction "crew chief" who can capably complete a project. Our summer staff have limited construction experience, so we hope you'll bring extra experience with you!
  • What is the typical daily schedule while at Big Creek?
    When you arrive Sunday between 3-4 pm EST, you'll be greeted by an eager and enthusiastic staff. They will lead you through a brief tour of the campus and and prepare you for the events of the week. Don't be late - you want to start your week prepared! (We are on Eastern time!) We work for five full days. Wednesday night (4-10 pm) is your night to spend time in our community and eat out! 6:45 am: Wakeup Call 7:00:am: Breakfast 8:00 am: Morning Worship 9am-4pm: Serving in the community! 5:45 pm: Dinner 8:00 pm: Worship (BC Campus) 9:00 pm: Group time 10:45 pm: Lights Out! This basic schedule summarizes the day. Check out our Group Planning Guide for a detailed version of our schedule.
  • Can my participants change ministry choices midweek?
    We prefer individuals stick with their ministry choice for the entire week so you are able to build relationships with the people you serve. For those wanting the most "variety" in ministries, we recommend the community ministry. It will offer you more opportunities for various programs (lawn care, elderly visits, food pantries, nursing homes) Remember, your participants will choose their own ministry through our online registration at NOTE: The group leader will have the ultimate choice of how your group is "kept together" or separated during the week. You'll communicate any pairings with us using the registration system after your participants register. If you don’t tell us who to “keep together” using the system, we will simply place your participants together in groups prior to your arrival. The registration system is located at: As your team members register, you can view their information at that link.
  • What are the accomodations like?
    We have two campuses that are very different! Big Creek Campus: We can comfortably accommodate 180 people at Big Creek. Most of our weeks are typically at capacity during the summer. This facility is wheelchair accessible with a private wheelchair accessible shower / restroom This facility is secured by a perimeter fence and gate that is secured by a keycode. Our doors are also keypad controlled for extra security. We keep our gates closed at all times for the safety and security of our volunteers. (Please note - our staff live at both campus locations. We don't feel unsafe in our community... but we take extra precautions for YOUR safety!) Bunkrooms 1-5: Boys (sleep 18 each) Bunkrooms 6-9: Girls (sleep 18 each) Bunkroom 10: Girls (sleeps 36) All our rooms have: -3 level Bunkbeds -Air Conditioning -Ample carpeted floor space for meetings in each room -Private dressing area Our new shower rooms were opened in June, 2017 and have: - 20 showers, 10 toilets, and 16 sinks - Lockable doors to all showers and toilets - plenty of sinks Outside, we have a huge front lawn that has plenty of room for outdoor games, a pavilion, carpet ball, gau-gau pit, volleyball, and 9 square in the air. You can view pictures of this facility at Wheelwright Campus: This campus offers accommodations for 65 and we continue to grow: 2 bunkrooms sleeping 24 each (one for males, one for females) 3 family/couple rooms sleeping from 4-6 volunteers each. 3 adjacent shower rooms with 2-3 showers in each (with endless hot water) 2 level bunk beds Air conditioning Private Dressing Areas Worship Center Game Room Basketball & Playgrounds just a short walk up or down the road! Commons areas ... and more to come! You can view pictures of this location at
  • How many chaperones do I need to bring?
    How many chaperones are required? AS MANY AS YOU CAN BRING! This is not a "youth mission trip" - but is a mission center dedicated to serving our community. We need your team to provide skilled leaders to direct your team. Although we do have college age staff on site, they are only guides to help your team get started. Your adult leaders will guide the way after our staff get you started. Without capable adult leadership, your team may struggle in the area of children's ministry and construction. We hope you'll open this trip up to all age groups - not just students. You need quality adults to help lead and guide your students! Here are some examples of adults you should try to recruit: **Adults who can lead a VBS (school teachers, discipleship group leaders, and parents are GREAT for leading kids!) **Adults who know construction and can act as "crew chiefs" on site (handymen, jack of all trades, professional builders!) **Adults who are willing to lead! Our staff are merely guides - not the ones who know how to do everything! If you bring a high school group, we recommend a 1:4 (adult/student) ratio If you bring a middle school group, we recommend a 1:3 (adult/student)ratio If you bring a pre-teen group, we recommend a 1:2 (adult/student) ratio
  • What are the worship services and devotions like?
    Our worship services (both morning and evening) are simple, Christ-Centered, and Biblically based. Since our churches have various theological perspectives, we are careful to teach Christ as our focus and the Bible as our source. Our leaders will select scripturally supported worship music that also points to the scriptural theme for the week. The devotions will be scripture based (with scripture supporting scripture) and applicable to all ages. Please note, our worship services aren't showy, flashy, or "over the top." Rather, they're simple, focused, and centered on scripture. The scriptures may lead to discussions that can be difficult and sometimes divisive. We strive to handle these situations carefully with grace. Our Big Creek location typically has a full worship band and speaker (typically a director). Messages are typically expository and very practical. You can expect some current and well-known worship songs as well as some lesser-known songs. We choose one book (or chunk) of the Bible to study each summer, and depending on the content, it may be both encouraging AND challenging as we expose participants to biblical truths. At the Wheelwright location we will have a worship leader and speaker (typically the directors) We choose one centralized theme for the summer to study. We hope it is both encouraging AND stretching to leaders and younger folks alike.
  • Do the participants I bring need to be Christians?
    We certainly hope that most of your team members have professed faith in Jesus. However, we don't want to hinder the ministry that you may have with your students, as we know that each person grows and learns at a different pace. We ask that you prayerfully consider the maturity and abilities of that student to handle themselves in ministry situations. Please be aware that we have a high standard for ministry and will not tolerate behavior that distracts from our mission. All of that to say, we hope and pray to see God move both in and through the lives of those who serve and those we serve.
  • Can we bring extra donations?  What kind?
    YES! Your donations are appreciated. We are a mission center that regularly distributes goods to our community. We have the capability to offload truckloads of donations at our main campus ... so we welcome any gifts!! Here are four ways you can donate: 1) Your team can help collect children's ministry materials! You can find this list at (password kids2024) 2). You can also view our “wishlist” at: 3) Connect us with corporate (truckloads) of donated goods. We appreciate ALL donations! 4) Cash and Gift Cards are welcomed! Cash, Lowe's and Walmart Gift Cards are ALWAYS welcome, as those are our two closest Big-Box stores.
  • What happens if i register too many people?
    We strive to offer one of the lowest priced full-service mission trips anywhere. It's important that we fill up every space each week as this helps us offer quality local ministries AND keep our prices lower for you. We are a mission center, and this is our primary source of year-round funding. If you register too many, please reduce your numbers as soon as possible. If we can fill those spaces, we will refund your payments. However, if you wait too long and we can't fill those spots your payments are considered a donation to the ministry. Here's our suggestion: 1) REGISTER ONLY FOR THOSE WHO HAVE PAID DEPOSITS! You can always increase your group numbers as long as space is available. IT'S OK TO BRING A SMALL GROUP! If group members don't register by the deadline, that's ok. Bring whoever registers! 2) REGISTER REASONABLY! Be careful not to overestimate!! Start communicating the trip early so you have a better idea of how many you'll bring. You can add spaces through our registration system as long as spaces are available during your week. 3) IF PARTICIPANTS BACK OUT, please decrease your group numbers as soon as possible. If we are able to fill those spots, we can refund the overpayments. If you wait too long and we are not able to fill those spots, we cannot refund overpayments. IF your week is over capacity we will refund deposits if you need to lower your numbers
  • I have questions!   Who do I talk to?
    We are available to answer your questions! the BEST way to contact us is by email or the chat function on the webpage. BOTH CAMPUS LOCATIONS: Registration / numbers questions: (Jordan) Financial / Accounting questions: (Rusty) BIG CREEK CAMPUS: Construction ministry questions: Children's ministry questions: General questions (Kevin) : WHEELWRIGHT CAMPUS: All Wheelwright Questions (construction, community, childrens ministries): Bubba or Tammy:
  • Are your facilities accessible and wheelchair friendly?
    Our Big Creek Facility is fully accessible and has NO steps. Our entire facility is one level. We have just completed a private fully accessible bathroom complete with grab bars, roll in shower, ADA toilet and sink. We do not have any specialized equipment (lifts, shower wheelchair) although we do have a shower chair located in the shower. The Wheelwright Facility is somewhat accessible with a bit of assistance. The second floor dorm rooms are not accessible, however, accomodations can be made for first floor lodging and use of the first floor shower as needed. In time, we hope to improve the accessiblity of this facility as funds permit.
  • We're having a problem registering a participant for a trip... HELP!
    Typically, registration problems occur due to the trip code name! For SUMMER mission trips, make sure the correct code name is selected when registering. Participants can click "edit" in their profile to correct their code name. For SPRING and FALL trips, participants can select or correct their code name in the "My participant account" in the top right of the screen. Also, make sure you've signed up for the correct mission trip dates in step 2!
Frequently Asked Questions

Here's how to reserve your week of service: 

All our registration, permission and release forms are online - so there's no need to collect a bunch of papers! 
1)  Determine your approximate group size.  (please don't overestimate your group size) 

2) Click the box below:  Create an account, register your team & pay $50 deposits online via debit/credit card.  
3) After your registration is confirmed, tell your participants to register online at  

4)  View participant registrations & manage group members at 

Before registering, we encourage you to read our planning guides:    

Read our BIG CREEK CAMPUS planning guide

Read our WHEELWRIGHT CAMPUS planning guide 

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