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Welcome to Big Creek!  
We may not be a fancy organization with great marketing and graphic designers. 
We don't have big-name ba
nds and speakers
We don't have any super flashy hype videos. 
We offer a great alternative to the typical "camp" experience 
Here, we learn about our faith and immediately put it into action! 
We emphasize missions as a lifestyle and focus on WORSHIP and the WORD 
We keep it simple, we keep it real, and yes, we keep it fun. 

Keep reading to find out more about Big Creek's Summer Missions

Why Serve with Big Creek?

2023 Availability Update: 

Thank you for supporting our mission & community.
Many of our summer mission weeks are full - we still have some availability. 

Click this link to view our current  availability


Located in a struggling area of Eastern Kentucky, our mission teams serve in very practical ways.  We seek to mend broken homes and hearts by showing and sharing the gospel of Jesus with humility, mercy, & grace. 

We keep it real. 


Our teams have been serving the people of Leslie County, Kentucky for 20 years and have hosted over 40,000 volunteers!  We are beginning our fifth year of ministry in Floyd County, Kentucky in 2023.

We're here to stay!


We welcome all groups! 

Individual Families
Adult teams 
Youth Ministries

College Ministries 

Christian Schools

You are Welcome Here!


We know that money can be tight.   We try to keep our trips affordable.  Your total cost of $259pp includes food, lodging, staffing, worship services & supplies!  You provide transportation.  

We keep it affordable! 

Where we are: 

Big Creek Missions has two mission centers in Leslie County and Floyd County Kentucky (click for a map view) .  

What We do: 

*Our permanent mission centers are intently focused on sharing (and showing) the Gospel to our neighbors year round. 

*Our staff & mission teams serve our hurting neighbors in practical, loving ways. 

*Our staff develop connections, meet the families, research and plan meaningful service opportunities for your team.
*For our residents, we offer home repairs, community programs, and children's enrichment programs. 
*For your team, we offer a life-changing mission experience focused on serving Jesus and serving others.  

What type groups can serve at Big Creek?  

All of them!  Adult groups, teen groups, family groups, church groups, college groups, business groups, and more!  

We are thankful for the support of many different types of groups.  

What type of mission work would your team do?  

As you serve with Big Creek missions, your team members will choose one of three primary areas of service. 

*In our construction ministry, your team would repair and replace homes that have fallen into disrepair. 
     ... You'll be blessed by working hard, getting dirty, and fixing homes that may appear unfixable.   

*In our community ministry, your team would feed, visit, clothe, and serve those who are enduring hard times. 
     ... You'll be challenged as you package and deliver hundreds of meals, sit with the lonely, and hug a lot of people. 

*In our children's ministry, your team members would lead life-changing and enriching day-camps

     ... You'll make a difference as you provide ministry to kids in a loving, high-energy outdoor environment 

The Total Cost: 

We ask for a donation of $259 per person for a full week mission trip! (Sunday - Saturday)

There are no additional fees or surprise charges. 

What your donation of $259 covers:  

Your gift helps us fund and operate our two year-round mission centers. It also helps cover your team's: 
*Lodging (gender based bunk rooms with bunks, mattresses and indoor hot showers)
*2 hot meals and 1 "sack lunch" daily (some of our teams have three hot meals daily!) 
*Construction and other various ministry supplies
*Ministry staffing, worship team (BC campus), worship leader (Wheelwright Campus) pre-project planning, and more!  
*BONUS: Teams that pay on-time AND register all team members 30 days before their trip receive a free $10 Big Creek store credit for each participant! 

*BONUS: Save 10% by signing up for our FIRST or LAST weeks of ministry!!  

What additional expenses might our team have?   

*Transportation to the mission and to the daily mission sites using your vans / cars / mini-buses + fuel.  
*Ample adult leadership 
*1 Meal out on Wednesday night 
*Optional "mission store" with gear that supports our mission.  Prices are very reasonable.  

What 's in it for your team? 

*You'll experience southern hospitality from our staff & community. (Good sweet tea & Good food.)

*You'll receive pre-trip training materials and guides to prepare your team.  (Estimated February 1) 

*Your participants will encounter legitimate mission experiences in an impoverished area.

*Your participants will grow in worship  as we unfold scripture's meaning, exalt Christ, & challenge listeners with action.   

*Your participants will gain practical experience in leadership, life skills, and construction.  

*You'll serve with our staff who know the heartbeat and needs of our community.

*Your team will experience challenges and hardships that only strengthen team dynamics and their reliance on Christ. 

*You'll be a part of a year-round ministry that is committed to the communities we serve. We'll be here after you leave!

What does a typical day look like for my team? 

This is the general schedule for both campus locations - actual schedule may vary slightly. 
See the group planning guide for each campus for more specific details.  


6:45 am - Wake Up Call!
7:00 am - Breakfast!  We offer a full cafeteria style hot breakfast. 

7:00 am - Lunch packing time!  Team members build their own lunch at our lunch stations and pack it in their team cooler.

8:00 am - Morning Worship & Sendoff.  We'll worship and briefly dig into God's word to help focus for the day!

8:20 am - Adult meeting / Student team meetings.  The directors meet with adults daily to go over the day's plans 

8:50 am - Go serve!  Your drivers and their teams will load your vehicles and head out to the work site for the day!  

                     (lunch is eaten at the work site - lunchtime is different for each team) 

4:30 pm (ish) - Return to Big Creek ... shower, nap, relax, go outside and play, enjoy! (flex free time lasts till 7:30)

5:30 pm - Dinner!  We offer a full cafeteria style dinner and salad bar every evening, except Wednesday (night out) 
                     After dinner, your team can enjoy some "flex" time.  Play outside, relax, and fellowship. 

8:00 pm - Worship (BC Campus)  We'll gather again for worship in the evening to end our day right! 
                 - At the Wheelwright campus, you'll have the evening free for strategic community ministry & small groups! 

9:00 pm - Church Group meeting times!  This is where you and your team can gather and share about your day.  

10:45 pm - SLEEP!  



Why do we need mission teams in Southeast Kentucky?    

On July 27 & 28, 2022, many areas of our region were hit with devastating flooding.  It's likely some of our teams will still be assisting homeowners with rebuilds in summer of 2023

Located in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky - an area with rich heritage, friendly people, and amazing scenery, Big Creek Missions has established itself as a bright light in a community filled with darkness.  Drug use, poverty, hunger, and hopelessness are running rampant in our area.  In fact, this community has been declared among the hardest places to live in the United States. In the midst of these difficult circumstances, we seek mission teams to help alleviate some of the challenges of daily life: housing needs, hunger issues, and disciple-making.  

Our area fights many of the stereotypes that plague small Appalachian towns. Outsiders may think of eastern Kentucky as toothless hillbillies, shoeless kids, and uneducated folks. That's simply not reality.  Yes, we have problems, but we also have many bright, energetic residents, and leaders trying to make a difference.  Your group can be a part of this effort to serve our people.  You can build relationships with locals, serve families, evangelize the lost, and disciple young Christians.  Your team will help nurture relationships our mission has built over the past 20 years!

What follow-up happens after your team leaves? 

We are a year round permanent ministry. You can be confident we will continue to nurture the relationships that are built during your week of service.  We know our people - and our people know us!   We will strive to connect with our community and meet needs through the year.

What are the two location choices? 



Your team members can serve our people by offering basic home repairs!  Utilizing the skills of your construction crew leaders and teams we will  build relationships with families and make much needed repairs to their homes. 


Our community team offers the most "variety" to our incoming teams.  Teams enjoy a variety of ministry opportunities:  Elderly care, home visits, food pantries, clothing ministry, summer feeding, lawn care, and more!

Children & Teens

Your team will work with others to provide an interactive and exciting "VBS style" experience for our local children each day.  These daily events are located at local pools, parks, churches, and community centers.   Come prepared to serve Elementary, Middle, and High school students!

Big Creek Mission Center

Location:  90 bullskin Road, Bear Branch KY
Capacity: 170  volunteers 

Setting:  More rural setting - travelling to adjacent towns

Worship:  Typically a full band & staff teacher

Ministry differences:  This location has more space for team members, is more structured, and provides more of a "camp" feeling through the week.  (note: we're not a camp!)

Accessibility:  This facility is fully accessible with private wheelchair friendly bathroom, and is all one level

View pictures of this campus HERE
Download the Big Creek Campus planning guide here 

Wheelwright Mission Center

Location:  1369 KY-306, Wheelwright, KY 41669
Capacity: 60 volunteers 

Setting:  More "in town" type setting, located in small town

Worship: worship leader+staff teacher

Ministry differences:  Your team will have a much more "personalized" experience here in Wheelwright.  Group sizes are smaller and local interaction is more personal

Accessibility: Contact us regarding accessibility.  We will work with you to accommodate those with special needs  

View Pictures of this campus HERE  
Download the Wheelwright Campus planning guide here 

Two Location Choices
Three Ministry Choices
Why Serve in Southeast KY?

Your participants choose 1 of 3 ministries
Your entire team doesn't have to do the same thing.
Your team members choose their preferred areas of ministry. 
We will work with you to sub-divide your team into the 3  service areas.

A message from the Founder & Director

Hey Y'all!  Thank you for your interest in Big Creek Missions!  After 20 years of service, I stand amazed at how the Lord continues to work through His church to meet needs in our area. It's our honor to serve with your team as you serve our neighbors. Over the years, we've seen groups and churches transformed as they serve on mission.  Our teams have had a powerful impact in this area - but we also have seen this week long mission impact our teams. Our staff are as focused on serving this community as they are serving your team.  We want to see both changed for HIS glory!  

Check out this site - and our group planning guides, and reach out if you have any further questions! Hope to see you soon!

- Kevin Rogers, Director 

Download our Big Creek Campus planning guide HERE 
Download our Wheelwright Campus planning guide HERE 

Summer 2023 Weeks of Service
Arrive Sunday 3-4 pm Eastern Time 

Depart Saturday morning (by 9 am)

May 28-June 3 (Save 10%)

June 4-10

June 11-17

June 18-24

June 25-July 1 

July 2-8*

July 9-16

July 16-22

July 23-29

July 30 - August 5 (Save 10%)

$50 pp online deposit donations are requested to reserve your spaces for the summer


*July 2-8:  We will likely host a community July 4th celebration and our weekly schedule may change slightly once you arrive!  

Need to shorten your week or leave early?  Please contact us for details 


Dates & Arrival Times
Frequently Asked Questions
How To Register

Here's how to reserve your week of service: 

All our registration, permission and release forms are online - so there's no need to collect a bunch of papers! 
1)  Determine your approximate group size - please don't overestimate - we don't want to be left with empty spots!

2) Click the box below:  Create an account, register your team & pay $50 deposits online via debit/credit card.  
3) After your registration is confirmed, tell your participants to register online at  

4)  You can view your participant registrations & manage your group members at 

Before registering, we encourage you to read our planning guides:    

Read our 2023 BIG CREEK CAMPUS planning guide

Read our 2023 WHEELWRIGHT CAMPUS planning guide 

 View our locations on Google Maps 
 View past news stories & testimonials!

Download a Printable Brochure about Big Creek

Planning Guides

"Promo" for Summer Missions

Promo Video 

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Promo Video 

The Three Ministries

Short Promo Video 

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