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There are so many things I could say about our trip to Big Creek Mission this past July…..I took 25 teenagers with me varying in ages from 12-19. Every single student was able to be involved! We have been to several different camps in the past and this one by far exceeds them all! My group came back completely changed! We are unified, on fire, and constantly seeking mission opportunities here at home because of their experience there! It’s simply amazing to think about the lives that are being touched because of this ministry, not just the lives of those the ministry are helping, but also, our lives were forever changed by being able to be a part of it!  Everything is well organized, the Bible study is AMAZING and the staff were just awesome! The whole atmosphere was amazing! My kids cried when we had to leave (which has never happened before!) The daily schedule is perfect, it gave each of us time to do our own quiet time and fellowship with other churches serving alongside with us! As a leader, it took some of the pressure off of you because you are assigned staff members who are responsible for getting you to and from your ministry sites, and coordinate everything for you, you are able to just be a part of the team instead of trying to manage everything the whole time (which is greatly appreciated from a leader stand point). We will definitely be back (already planning for next year) and I am telling everyone I know of the experience and recommending they check it out! LOVE BIG CREEK MISSIONS!!!!!


B. Sullivan

Youth Director

Mendenhall, MS

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