Our Wish List ... 

Big Creek would not exist without the support of our amazing volunteers.  We are thankful for your volunteer service and donations.  Here are some things we are looking for ... maybe you can help us locate these?  

Here are our biggest dreams and needs (Summer 2022).  We trust the Lord to provide!  

Supply Needs: 

– 13 gallon garbage bags / tall kitchen style  - Sams Club Item Item # 980143634 - light blue box

– 33+ gallon trash bags Sams Club item Item # 988335 - gray / purple box 

 – plastic grocery bags - Sams Club item # Item # 29434 

- 3 Lb Food Trays - Sams Club item Item # 59990 (blue and black box) 

Financial Dreams:  

$60,000:  Paving the Big Creek Parking Lot (fix safety hazards)

$175,000:  would allow us to purchase the old hotel in Leslie Co. 

(could be used to spur economic development in Leslie County and provide emergency housing!


Big Creek Campus: 

      *New Water line (2") run from meter to building.  Appx 600' 

      *Water Softener

      *PVC underground pipe lining: Approx 30'

       *Concrete polishing - dining room & Gym  floors (approx 5000 sf) 


Wheelwright Campus: 

      *A/C Ductwork repairs and realignment for efficiency 

      *Roofers for metal roof on main facility 


**Coin Laundromat Equipment: to offer services in both our counties

**Box truck: so our food pantry can transport food!  

**A/C Units installed on our summer daycamp buses


      - Roofing, Steps, Ramps, Plumbing & Electric are common needs. 

      - You can view some of our home repair needs HERE

- Vehicle maintenance!  Diesel engines, gas engines (to maintain our summer buses and vans! )

- Painters!   To help us put a fresh coat of paint in our classrooms! 


*Vehicle Needs: 

 - Volunteers to assist with vehicle maintenance and safety checks (brakes, fluids, safety) 

*Food Pantry Needs

We do appreciate all food donations.  However, financial gifts go farther as we can purchase food items from food banks for pennies on the dollar


Non-perishable food items that people WANT to eat.  Examples:
- Peanut Butter
-Canned Veggies: Corn, Green Beans, other vegetables
-Canned Fruits
-Canned “chef boyardee” type pastas
-Pasta Sauces (spaghetti, etc)
-Dry Pastas
-Canned Meats
-condiments (mustard, mayo, ketchup, jellies)– 


*Hygiene Kit Supplies!!   We will make and distribute to children and families in need!

Toothpastes & Toothbrushes
Shaving Cream / Razors

*Basic Home Supplies:  We will deliver these with food baskets!
Toilet Paper
Paper Towels
Cleaning Supplies
Garbage Bags

Local Construction Ministry Supplies

Contact us for specific information