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  Are You Ready to Join Our Sumer Staff?

Big Creek Missions is seeking hard working, passionate, and Christ-centered leaders for our summer programs.  Our staff are offered life-changing opportunities to serve in one of the hardest areas in the U.S. You will be given the opportunity to serve others, grow in your relationship with Christ, and make a difference in a struggling community.  As a staff member, you have the potential to grow your leadership, communication, and ministry skills in ways you never thought possible. 

 At Big Creek,  we share life together, we challenge and encourage each other, and choose to love each other in spite of our various backgrounds, struggles, sins, and views on life and theology. Applicants should be ready for long hours, hard work and challenging situations.  You can expect to experience times of celebration, exhaustion, brokenness, hope, and countless other emotions, as this is a very intense environment.  However, we have witnessed out staff develop intro tremendous leaders during their time with us and leave with a better understanding of service and the power of Jesus. If you are ready to be pushed outside your comfort zone, learn the true meaning of flexibility, and serve with an open heart and mind ... you are ready for us!  Prepare your heart to serve Jesus like never before!

What would my typical day look like at Big Creek? 

Each day is a little different!  We require all staff to be FLEXIBLE!!  If you are not ready to clean trash cans one day and chase kids the next, you may not be ready for us. All team members have different responsibilities, but all have the wonderful opportunity to serve on mission each day in the community. Below is an "average day".  

  • 7 am - Breakfast! (you will be assigned to help with one breakfast per week!)  

  • 8 am - Worship!  (some of our staff help with music and tech) 

  • 9 am - 4 pm:  Let's  go serve!  As a staff member, you will be given the opportunity to lead a group of volunteers BigCreekers) in our community.  Your team would focus on one of these three areas: Community (nursing homes, yard-work, food preparation & delivery, clothing drives, etc.), Construction (porches, roofs, and other projects), and Children (day-camps, VBS, and other kids programs).  

  • 4:30 pm - you'll have one day per week helping with a dinner.  Otherwise, you can interact with volunteers, prepare for the day ahead, or take some personal time to dive into devotion! 

  • 5:30 pm - Dinner (don't worry, our food is actually really good since we have to eat it too!)

  • 7:40 pm - Worship again!  

  • 9:00 pm - Nightly Staff Meeting!

Interspersed through the week, our staff have other jobs they are assigned to "manage."  Example, you may supervise a team of guests who run the store, clean bathrooms, or do the dishes. You won't have to do this every day, but you will be expected to monitor the "Big Creekers," who volunteers to help! 

What are some specific "skills" we are seeking with staff? 

Worship team members - Tech (sound, lights) - Lifeguards - 
Those with children's experience - Those with construction experience!  

What are the time requirements and pay? 

  • Our summer staff will arrive on around May 20 (give or take a couple of days) and leave approximately August 8th.

  • Big Creekers will be onsite from Sunday – Saturday morning.  Applicants able to commit to the entire summer will take priority in the hiring process.

  • The week is very busy!! Saturday evening and Sunday morning are a bit more relaxing while Big Creekers are gone!  We will have planned staff outings and utilize this time to prepare for the upcoming week as well! 

  • Summer ministry staff pay is a minimum $325 per week and we provide a w-2.   Assistant staff or support staff may be lower.  Lodging & food are provided.  

  • Those who serve the entire summer receive a bonus at summer's end,  and higher likelihood of hiring again.  

When are staff applications due & what happens next?  

Please try to apply as early as possible!! Once your application is complete and has been reviewed, you will receive an email from our Staff Coordinator to set up an interview via Zoom or Teams. These interviews will begin in November.  Jobs will be offered FIRST come, FIRST serve! 

Before You Apply: 

Make sure you are READY! Summer Staff isn't for everyone. It takes commitment, sacrifice, and a heart for service!

We love our people and our community and hope that you are ready to do the same! 

*Please have 3 references available (Name, Email, and Phone Number) 
Plan to spend about 40 - 60 minutes total on the application.  You may save and return at any time

Contact Assistant Director: Kori Cupp

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