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Wheelwright Campus opened in Spring 2018

Located in Floyd County, Kentucky, this campus is nestled in the mountain town of Wheelwright. This mission will be able to accommodate your team as you minister to our new neighbors.  

In the Spring of 2019 we hired new directors, Bubba and Tammy Roberson, from Mobile, AL.  Along with their family they live and serve the community of Wheelwright year-round. 

Although the mission and purpose behind both locations will be the same, the locations are quite different.  

This facility offers your group a smaller, more intimate setting. Family groups, married couples, youth groups, senior groups ANY type of group will find the facility accommodating. Currently we house up to 65 volunteers, and this center is a great place for your team to make a difference and grow together! Since this location is in the community we serve, you'll have ample opportunities to walk through town and get to know our neighbors. 


We are already making plans to make this facility more "group friendly" and enhance it with some major upgrades. We welcome you to email us about private accommodations for married couples and families.  

 For more information, you may email 

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