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Seasonal Missionaries & Workamping

Volunteers are one of our greatest resources.  Teams come from across the country to serve with us and make a huge impact on our community.  However, we need help coordinating & providing hospitality for our volunteer teams. That's where our full time and seasonal missionary staff come in!  Would you prayerfully consider serving with us?

Positions are available both paid and volunteer. 

Opportunities include:  construction leadership, maintenance, kitchen, administrative/clerical, children's ministry planning and oversight, and MUCH MORE!  

Who are we? 

Big Creek is a Christian ministry located in one of the top ten poorest counties in the United States.  The needs in our area are great.  With the loss of coal mining, our region has been hit hard with high levels of poverty, drug usage, and many other daily challenges.  Our goal as a mission is to serve our neighbors by helping meet their basic needs.  

How do we meet these needs?  Each spring, summer and fall, we host hundreds of volunteers who provide service to many residents here in Southeast Kentucky.  These volunteer teams travel to our mission campus and stay with us for a weekend or a week.  The teams may consist of adults or teens, and may come from churches, schools, or colleges.  These volunteer teams  would serve in one of three areas of ministry:  Construction, Community, or children's ministry. 


We are seeking some workampers who can help us manage the teams that come in.  Our workampers could help us manage those three areas of service PLUS offer hospitality to our teams.   Since these teams are the ones who provide 100% of the funding for our mission, we want to provide a quality POSITIVE, CHRIST-CENTERED and encouraging visit for them.  (We would encourage you to read about our different mission trips on these two pages:  Spring and Fall Missions  Summer Missions )

What type of personalities are we looking for? 

We are seeking folks who love to serve others.  This isn't a place where it's easy to "count the hours" of service.  We have some weeks where we work long hours. If we don't have any groups, we work far fewer hours.   We work best with those who have a kind, Jesus-centered demeanor, are gentle, teachable, and willing to serve.  We hope to partner with those who want to make a difference in the lives of others.  All our staff have learned to be very flexible - as mission work requires this flexibility.  We will work with our seasonal staff to determine their general schedule.  

What about the pay? 

We will discuss pay privately with each applicant.  Some are able to volunteer.  We truly appreciate that, as it helps us put more money into the community.  Others do need pay.  We will talk through this depending on the time commitment each person is willing to make.  

What are the other benefits besides pay? 


We can provide private or semi private accommodations to our seasonal staff. 

OR: you may bring your RV!  

*Full Hookup (water, 50/30 electric, sewer) 

*Good, fast Wifi (at least 25 meg) 

*Meals offered when groups are on campus... and some leftovers when they're gone :)

*Schedules can vary depending on role and responsibilities: but we aim to be flexible

Our seasonal staff would help us manage our volunteer teams and maintain our campus.    

We need help in several areas:


These teams come with volunteers who are eager - but sometimes don't have the skills necessary to "lead" the projects.  Our desire is to patiently and kindly walk them through the proper steps to complete the home repairs. 

The home repairs we provide include  roofs, windows, doors, ramps, and more.  We replace subfloors, repair doors, and more.  Our ability to accomplish tasks depends on the skills of our construction leaders and incoming teams.  We will have a good idea of the skills of our incoming teams which helps us choose projects for specific teams.  


Working with  construction staff, the basic tasks of the construction project coordinators would be: 
*Visiting sites, meeting homeowners, and assessing needs.  
*Drawing up clear, concise "work orders" with simple blueprints and materials listings 
*Ordering materials - having materials ready when teams arrive 

*Checking in with the teams frequently - ( or staying with teams) as they serve with us

*Since our construction staff & teams often know how to fix things, they often help with maintenance around the mission campus


Our incoming volunteers will serve by visiting nursing homes, adult daycares, clothing centers, and food pantries.  Our mission operates our own food pantry - and our workampers could help us working at the pantry, OR coordinate the team schedules by calling different centers and scheduling our volunteers and visits to their center.  Workampers could also visit these places and help serve (or coordinate) at any of the places we serve.  


Pre-covid, we were able to visit local schools and provide skills tutoring to local children.  That hasn't happened lately. However, our workampers could help us coordinate some tutoring programs or special events for our local children.  Our incoming volunteer teams would be able to help run these events. 


We send out our buses to pick up local children for our free daycamps every day.  We need bus drivers who can assist us in running routes to and from daycamps.  Passenger endorsement may be required. (We have 4 CDL buses, and several 15-passenger non-CDL buses)


Our staff would help the director and staff coordinate the volunteer teams and would also be encouraged to help us provide great hospitality to our volunteer teams.  We appreciate kitchen help, maintenance and cleaning help, and simply showing appreciation to those folks who travel long distances to serve on mission here in Southeast Kentucky.  

Al our staff, both seasonal and year round, are always willing to "pitch in" wherever needed - as we are here as an act of worship and service to our Lord. As the director, you'll find me in the kitchen, mowing the lawn, cleaning, and fixing things.  I'm just here to serve!!  


Where would you stay?       

Our facility is a bit different than most campgrounds.  We have three full hookups 30/50, water, sewer, wifi).   Our hookups are located in a corner of our parking lot - close to our front fields and front gate. Our facility is gated and secure, relatively quiet, and offers some nice views.   

Questions?   Interested? 

Feel free to complete this simple form, let us know who you are, and we'll respond promptly to answer your questions!! 

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