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Menu & Allergy Information  - WHEELWRIGHT CAMPUS

Allergy Information:

(1) Contains soy  (2) Contains wheat  (3) Contains Dairy  (4) Contains egg  (5) May contain peanut traces

(6) We can prepare without seasoning upon request for those with allergies.  (7) We may have GF option available

For those who require gluten free we recommend bringing: 

1) a loaf of GF bread.  2) a few GF breakfast substitute bread items 3) GF Italian entree 

For those who are dairy free we recommend bringing: 

1) Substitute breakfast and dinner items 2) Substitute sandwich bread  3) Substitute italian entree 


Biscuit Day

Biscuits & Muffins    (2,3, 7)

Eggs (4)

Sausage Patties (pork)

Bacon Slices  

Hashbrowns (2) 


Biscuits & Gravy Day

Biscuits (2,3)

Gravy (2,3)

Scrambled Eggs (4)

Breakfast Potatoes (2)



Pancakes & Waffle Day

Waffles (1,2,3,4)

Scrambled Eggs (4)

Sausage Links (pork)
Hashbrowns (2)


Cinnamon Roll Day

Cinnamon Rolls (1,2,3,4)

Country Ham

Scrambled Eggs (4)

Breakfast Potatoes (2)



French Toast Day

French Toast (1,2,3,4)

Southwestern Scrambled Eggs (4)

Bacon or Sausage (pork)

Tater Tots (2)

During breakfast, we also typically offer various fresh fruits, yogurts, milk, and juices. DIY oatmeal, cereals, and toast are also typically available.  



Tailgate Burgers/Dogs

Buns (2,7)


Hot Dogs

Chips (2,7)

Chicken Dinner 

Chicken Strips (2)

Mashed Potatoes (3)

Green Beans (1,6) 

Candy Carrots (3)

Rolls (2,3,4)

Italian Night

Beef Lasagna (2,3,7)

Garlic Bread (2,3,4,7)
Mixed Veggies

Mexican Night

Tortilla (2,7)

Beef  (or) Chicken

Black Beans and Corn



Queso (2,3)

Hibachi Night

Orange Chicken  (2,3,4)

Teriyaki Chicken (1,6) 

Fried Rice (1, 4,6)

Stir Fry Veggies (1, 6)

Egg (or) Spring Rolls (1,2,4)

*Dinners always offer full salad bar and includes: spinach, iceberg, tomatoes, cucumbers, cheeses, croutons, bacon bits, cranberries, carrots, dressings

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