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Construction Info  (Wheelwright Campus) 

Thank you for serving with us!  Your talents as a construction leader will be invaluable as we serve our local residents here in Kentucky.  

Here are some things to keep in mind regarding our construction projects: 

Most of our projects are focused on Roofs, Ramps, and Floor Replacements 

- Roofs: We almost always install metal roofing due to its ease of transport and ease of installation

- Ramps: We have a standard ramp building guide we will provide you when you arrive.  

- Floor Replacements: Many of our homes have damaged floors due to moisture and insect damage.  We rip out the existing floor and joists and repair / replace to the best of our ability 

Our main goal is to provide a SAFER, CLEANER, and STRUCTURALLY SOUND repair.  It may not always be pretty, but it will be much better!  

Common Questions: 

Should I bring my tools?  Feel free to!  We have two tool bins for up to two construction teams.  However, your tools will only provide more (and sometimes better) tools to our teams. We will send a list of available tools upon request. 


How do we get materials to sites?  We have ZERO trucks at the Wheelwright campus, so trucks and trailers are VERY helpful for construction. We do have TWO trailers readily available for transporting lumber, but it is sometimes difficult to bring trailers into the hollows of Eastern Kentucky.  We need additional trucks and vans to transport tools, and whatever vehicle you bring will be utilized to transport tools and possibly lumber. Please consider bringing your truck as it will be a great help. 

Will we finish the project while we're there?    Many of the projects we undertake will last for several weeks - so you may not see the finished product.   Since our purpose is serving the homeowner, not the "project" - we hope you'll find joy in serving even without seeing the finished product.  Remember - the PEOPLE are the purpose, not the project!  

Please email for all Wheelwright related construction questions.  

Be advised that construction project details are available approximately 1-2 weeks prior to group's arrival at the mission and sometimes projects are changed and/or rescheduled.  Come with the expectation of doing whatever is needed in whatever capacity is requested.  

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