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Construction Info  (Big Creek Campus) 

Thank you for serving with us!  Your talents as a construction leader will be invaluable as we serve our local residents here in Kentucky.  

Here are some things to keep in mind regarding our construction projects: 

Most of our projects are focused on Roofs, Ramps, and Floor Replacements 

- Roofs: We almost always install metal roofing due to its ease of transport and ease of installation

- Ramps: We have a standard ramp building guide we will provide you when you arrive.  

- Floor Replacements: Many of our homes have damaged floors due to moisture and insect damage.  We rip out the existing floor and joists and repair / replace to the best of our ability 

Our main goal is to provide a SAFER, CLEANER, and STRUCTURALLY SOUND repair.  It may not always be pretty, but it will be much better!  

Common Questions: 

Should I bring my tools?  Feel free to!  We have five tool bins for five teams.  However, your tools will only provide more (and sometimes better) tools to our teams.  HERE IS A LINK TO WHAT EACH OF OUR 5 TOOL BINS INCLUDES (Big Creek Campus) 


How do we get materials to sites?  Your team (and whatever vehicle(s) you bring)  will be responsible for taking your tools & coolers to sites.  Make sure you bring vehicles that have extra space for a good number of tools!   PLUS, we have to figure out how to get lumber to sites, too.  We certainly hope your group is bringing a truck (or trailer) that can be used for construction.  Without trucks, you can expect supply / delivery / and first day delays.  Please consider bringing your truck as it will be a great help.  Without trucks, you can expect supply delays!  

Will we finish the project while we're there?    Many of the projects we undertake will last for several weeks - so you may not see the finished product.   Since our purpose is serving the homeowner, not the "project" - we hope you'll find joy in serving even without seeing the finished product.  Remember - the PEOPLE are the purpose, not the project!  


Here's a detailed "guide" to our construction ministry!  (Click here for the PDF) 


Here's how we build RAMPS!  (Click here for the PDF)

Here's a basic guide on metal roofing! (Click here for the PDF) 


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