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Welcome to Big Creek!  

In just a few days, you'll be arriving at Big Creek!   This is a special place, as the Lord has enabled us to minister to thousands of people over the past 18 years.  It's now your time to come and serve.   We pray that you'll be ready to worship as you work.  What you get out of this mission trip will depend on what you put into it!  

We have prepared a few daily devotions for you - these will help prepare your heart for the mission trip!    You can find these at 

Here are some things to know about the mission:  

1)  On your arrival day, your group will arrive between 3-4 pm (EST).  Don't be late!  Our staff will greet you and give you a brief tour of the building.  That evening, we'll have Burgers & BBQ, have a bit of fun, get to know our work teams, and worship together! 

2)  You can find a packing list on this page.     Please check out the dress code and follow that list closely!   Yes, you do need to bring some long pants!  

You can also view our basic menu (which tells you what to do if you have food allergies), and more on this page 

3)  We love our local kids!   If you signed up for children's ministry, you'll be LEADING the daycamps.   We need you and your team to spend some time looking at the teaching materials for the week.   Without preparation, the camps may be boring.  Please feel free to add game ideas and more to what we have.      Check out our children's ministry materials here    (The password is kids2022 )


4)  Please help us by gathering supplies for the children's ministry.  You can sign up to bring needed items on that page - and also recyclable materials here

Our staff are working hard to prepare for your mission trip.  Your group leader will know soon what your assignments are - and you can pack accordingly.  Be flexible - as a lot of things change and the assignments may change.  

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