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ma cardreader can you please help me i cant install ubuntu i keep getting a "syslinux.bin missing" error Lnx, What ISO did you download? what do you mean by iso? i downloaded 13.10 desktop Lnx, The image file, what did you do to it? it was a.iso file hey, i want to get microsoft active directory access in ubuntu. how would i go about doing that? i just used the.iso file on the ubuntu site Lnx, Did you check the md5sum before running the md5sum on the iso? did what? !md5sum To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see or i can use ctrl + alt + f7 and get back to the system but when i boot it freezes Lnx, try booting from the USB and seeing if you get a GRUB menu, or your default boot order it was a bootable usb i also tried the recovery mode and i get the same error Lnx, Hmm, I wonder if you are using UEFI and your boot is not set to the usb first i use GPT i dont know if thats a problem i have the bios mode set to UEFI i dont want to put windows back on it just want ubuntu im having so much trouble trying to install ubuntu that i dont know what else to do Lnx, Do you know the brand and model of the machine? Lnx




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F18 Carrier Landing Full Version Free Download For Pc

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